Thursday, October 13, 2005

MTV Pilot/Comedy Road Trip

Ok, sorry it's been so long. Things have been really crazy with getting the MTV pilot ready and planning for Jamie's comedy road trip.

The MTV pilot, currently titled "Blowin' Up" is in post production and looks friggin' great! Can't spoil anything, that's part of the reason why I haven't posted in awhile...too tempting to reveal secrets.

Jamie's fans will see a whole new side of him, and a lot of his personal life. It's been really cool to be a part of. Hopefully the execs at MTV will dig what we've put together and get this show running sometime in early winter. All feedback has been great so far, and things are looking really good to get it running.

Jamie's comedy tour has been going great too. He's finished touring around southern California for now, and we're getting ready to hit the road. We are filming 2 separate projects right now: "Heckler" and "Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed".

"Heckler" is about Jamie dealing with criticism in all aspects of his career, from film/tv critics (i.e Son of the Mask), to power agents in Hollywood and obviously audience hecklers at his stand-up gigs. We've got lots of great footage and plenty more to come from our month long road trip that will take us across the country, and possibly into Europe.

The other project "Unwashed", is a stand-up comedy sepecial DVD that we are doing that will be filmed later this month in San Jose. Should be a lot of fun. Jamie has been doing great at his stand-up gigs...he loves working the crowd, and has been doing a lot of improvising lately, which I think is when he is at his best. You'll see what I'm talking about when these projects are released.

In other news, Jamie's still rockin' the Lemonade diet, and I gave up on it after my first stint. It takes a lot of discipline, and I'm not quire ready to change my lifestyle. We've gotten a lot of questions about it at Jamie's website (, so if you want to learn more about it, do an internet search for "Master Cleanse" and you'll see what it's all about.

We've also got some great news on Jamie's movie career, but I can't quite talk about it just yet. When everything is official and scheduled, I'll give you more details.

As always, thanks for checking in. Remember to visit our website for all of Jamie's stand-up tour schedules and other info. You can also check out our forums there for any questions, etc.

Check back soon.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lemonade Anyone?

So since I last checked in, we've had some more interesting stuff in the works. Jamie did 4 shows at the Hollywood Improv last weekend. Jamie has been working on filming a DVD to document his standup appearances, and the crew filmed all 4 shows this weekend. Your's truly was a cameraman, capturing audience reaction shots for the Saturday night shows. Hopefully I did the shows justice, as Jamie did really well.

He's been trying out a lot of new material, some great, some not-so-great, but that's how it works. A funny moment occurred after Friday's first show when I gave Jamie my "not so favorable" opinion of how it went.

I basically said, "What the hell was that crap?". Obviously I wasn't hip to some his new stuff, including a piece where he brought a girl (friend of our's) on stage to exhibit her Zena-like strength. He jumped on her back, and she showed the crowd how well she could take I said, trying out new stuff.

I thought it wasn't Jamie's best stuff, and the crowd was kind of weird, like they didn't know what it was all about. So after the show (and a few beers), I offered my opinion to Jamie, while the cameras were rolling, and it was pretty funny. I should have just bit my tongue, and said "Great set buddy!", but I couldn't. Anyway, being a little buzzed made it come across as I was really beating him up, which I wasn't...I just didn't find that shit funny, and figured I would tell my buddy my REAL opinion.

He was a little weirded out that I didn't get that he was trying out new stuff, but we kissed and made up the next day.

On top of that, we both have been doing the "Master Cleanse" diet. Not sure if you guys are familiar with it, but it basically involves not eating ANYTHING, and drinking a crazy concoction of Organic Lemons, Water, Maple Syrup and Cayenne pepper. I've got to say that it definitely works for cleaning you out, and losing a few pounds (I lost 8 over 4 days)...but it is really hard to stick to.

I hadn't eaten anything for 4 days when I started to drink at that show, so that will give you some idea of how buzzed I must have been after 4 beers at the improv on an extremely empty stomach, and then decided to voice my opinion of Jamie's show...very funny.

We're going to be filming a lot of Jamie's stand-up appearances across the country this fall to make the DVD, it should be a lot of fun.

In other news, we're full steam ahead on the MTV pilot. Jamie, Stu, the writers and the MTV producers are working full time on getting the pilot together for "Rap Skool". It should be done by the end of September, and hopefully airing this fall on MTV. The MTV people have been giving us a lot of love and support, and seem really excited about the prospect of the show, so hopefully it will take off and be really funny.

Other than that, the stand-up schedule seems to be in place, and we'll be coming to a town near you soon. It's still subject to change, but check for the latest updates.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll check in in a few days.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Space & MTV

Just a quick check in since my last rant about our flight from Milwaukee. Jamie and Stu are working really hard on writing up the pilot for Rap Skool. We've been weorking at the MTV offices and hiring writers, etc. It's starting to come together and I'll have more updates for you in the upcoming week or so.

Jamie just started up a MySpace'd like you to be his friend! We're trying to find more ways to stay connected with his fans, so that is just one more way we've decided to do that. We'll try to have him respond as much as he can, or I may do so for him, but try not to get too upset if he can't write back.

Nothing too crazy going on, just finishing up getting some more video clips and audio clips ready for Jamie's site or for his myspace. Lots of old funny answering machine messages and personal video footage to come, just trying to figure out where it fits best.

Jamie will be at the Improv on Melrose in Los Angeles this weekend - 5 total shows on Friday & Saturday night. Stop by if you're in the area....{859c3669-0b95-4ae2-acc1-1f5bb68b439e}

I'll check back soon.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Can you hear me now?

Ok, sorry it's been awhile...things have been crazy. Jamie and I just got back from Milwaukee this past Sunday where Jamie was the host of Miller Brewing's 150th Anniversary. We had an awesome time, and things went really well (until the flight home)...I'll get into that a little later...

Since I kicked off this Blog, I haven't really had a chance to properly introduce myself, other than my nickname is John Parkinson, and I am Jamie Kennedy's personal assistant. Some of you who read this will recognize me from Jamie's forums on his website That is where I try to update the events of Jamie's career, and I will continue to do that, along with posting to this blog.

To provide a little background, Jamie and I grew up together back in Upper Darby, PA. We went through Catholic school together for many years, and ended up moving out to L.A. in 1989. Long story short, I moved back home to Philly in 1992, and decided to move back out to L.A. last year to work with Jamie.

Since then, we've been working on organizing Jamie's life and getting his website into ship-shape. It took us about a year to get his stuff where he wanted it to be, amongst working on all of the other things going on his life. We've had a lot of laughs along the way to this stage in both of our lives.

Now to catch you up on the most recent I mentioned above, we just got back from Milwaukee where Jamie served as emcee for Miller's 150th anniversary. We flew into Milwaukee on Friday night, and we got to experience a little bit of the downtown nightlife.

Jamie's not much of a boozer, but we went out and had a few drinks anyway. Hanging out with Jamie is always an adventure. You never know if he is going to get recognized or hounded by fans, or if you can just chill like a couple regular guys.

Jamie does his best to stay incognito by wearing hats, etc., but somehow he usually gets picked off. It can be fun in certain settings, but it can also ruin your night. Once word spreads that Jamie's around, it usually means a lot of people will want to drop on by and take pictures and chit-chat.

We had a few drinks at a place called (appropriately) Kennadees. We stayed in the shadows, and eventually people found out Jamie was there. Jamie took some time to take a few photos and chat, and then we decided to call it a night. The big day was tomorrow, so we needed some shut-eye.

We started off the next day meeting with a few people from Miller and then going to rehearse and get familiar with Miller Stadium. For those of you who've never been there, it's a really cool stadium with a retractable dome.

They were expecting about 40,000 people, so it was pretty cool seeing the empty stadium turn into a raucous crowd by the end of the night.

Jamie's first job was to introduce a slew of local politicians and Miller executives, and also use his sense of humor to keep the crowd entertained along the way. Some other celebrities there were Rusty Wallace of Nascar fame, Santana Dotson of the Green Bay Packers, Phil Gantner of the Brewers and Desmond Mason of the Bucks.

The big events Jamie was to introduce were to follow - The Bo Deans, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Goo Goo dolls and Bon Jovi was the main event.

Everyone from Miller and SAB (South Africa Brewing) was really cool, and easy to work with. They took care of us very well. Santana Dotson was a really big dude, and really cool. Rusty Wallace was a nice guy as were Desmond Mason, Phil Gantner, Robert Randolph, the guys from the Goo Goo dolls and the Bo Deans. We didn't get a chance to meet with the Bon Jovi guys...they did their own thing and had their own separate dressing rooms. Richie Sambora was on our flight out of L.A. with us, as was Johnny Resnick the lead singer from the Goo Goo dolls.

Those two recognized each other and had a nice little moment on the plane..."Mr. Sambora!!...Hey...Mr. Resnick!!!...what's shakin'?"...funny stuff, it's kind of awkward trying to have a conversation in 1st class, and then quiet time for the rest of the flight.

Speaking of 1st class...I was really looking forward to that luxury. I'm pretty tall, and I love the extra a few free drinks never hurt, right? We flew on an airline that maybe I shouldn't mention their name because I'm going to ream them a new asshole in the upcoming paragraphs...let's just say their name is the opposite of Southeast Airlines and their initials are NWA.

I thought first class was supposed to be just that...but it wasn't. The only good thing about it was the leg room. The seats were dirty, and the fabric on the seat cushions was all torn up and flopping off the seat in front of me. No big deal, but make sure you read my final thoughts on this pathetic excuse for an airline.

Anyway, the show went off great. Jamie was well received and I thought he was really funny. They introduced him to the crowd with a clip from JKX where he was the lifeguard who pissed in a Vegas pool. The crowd really dug it, and it got a lot of laughs.

The bands were great. I was surprised by how many Bo Deans songs I knew. The Robert Randolph band really brought the funk! I didn't hear much of the Goo Goo Dolls. Santana Dotson had a funny line: He said to us "Goo Goo Dolls? I was expecting to see a bunch a little white girls runnin' round the stage in skimpy skirts?"...He obviously doesn't have any of their albums.

(We've got a lot of backstage video that I hope to post on Jamie's site soon)

We were hanging back stage off and on all night, and it was a really cool experience to watch all the roadies pull off the changes between bands. There must have been 50 miles of cables running everywhere and instruments and equipment all over the place. I have a whole new respect for what those guys do.

The end of the night brought on Bon Jovi. Everyone in the crowd was well-sauced and ready for a big show. From what I could tell everyone loved it...I myself am not a big fan, but it was kinda cool to see them do their stuff. They seemed like all separate entities though, and very corporate. They weren't hanging out together, and all of them entered the stage separately from different places. They didn't seem like they were friendly with each other, and weren't very approachable.

I even got scolded for having my video camera backstage by one of their goons. I had the thing running all day, and this dude is the only one with a problem. I guess I understand he was just doing his job, but he came off as a dick, and like Bon Jovi was too cool for school.

We decided not to stick around for the end of the show and headed back to the hotel. We stayed at the Pfister, which was OK, but the AC in the rooms sucked ass, and both of our rooms smelled like industrial strength bleach.

We headed out for a few drinks at a downtown bar with outdoor seating. Jamie got a lot of love from the passers-by, then we called it a night.

Now to the fun part:

We got up early on Sunday to catch our flight back to L.A. We found out from our driver that the mechanics at NWA were on strike...great...we're definitely going to be delayed now, and if not cancelled. Jamie had a gig that night at USC, and only had a few hour gap from the time we were supposed to land and the start of the gig. Needless to say, he was concerned, and he's also now a little worried about the safety of our flight. If the mechanics are on strike, whose checking the windshield washer fluid on the planes???

We get to the airport, and find out that, sure enough, we are delayed by at least a half hour. Yipee! We finally board our "first class" seats and Jamie's still freaked out by the mechanics situation and the safety of our flight.

Then, to top it off, the pilot comes on and tells us that they have a problem with the maintenance log...that's certainly re-assuring! Everyone is finally seated, but there's a weird feeling in the least Jamie's feels that way.

He tries to get the attention of one of the Flight Waitresses (I refuse to call them by what they want to be called). They don't see him, so I reach out to help my buddy and summon one of the Air Wenches. One of the snots comes over to our seats, and here is a transcript of what transpired next:

JK: (In a slightly low tone so as to be discreet): "Excuse me, I have a question..."

Air Wench #1: "I can't hear you."

JK: (In a slightly louder tone): "Can I ask you a question?"

Air Wench #1 (In cocky & snotty air wench tone): "I CAN'T hear you!"

JK: Mumbles...then "Can you hear me now?...Can you hear me now???!!!"

Air Wench #1 stomps away from our row, and heads to the area in front of the cockpit to bitch to the queen bee Air Wench about what Jamie has just said. (Keep in mind that this is like 8 feet in front of us, and we can hear everything they say)

She tells Queen Bee Air Wench: "I will not be talked to like that. I do not need sarcasm, and I won't stand for it!!!"

Me and Jamie are looking at each other like, "Is this bitch crazy?"

Now here comes Queen Bee Air Wench (In a super COCKY tone): "Is there a problem over here? I'll throw you two off of this plane this instant!!!"

Me and Jamie are even more freaked out at their audacity. This bitch didn't even know what transpired, except for the fact that Jamie was a little sarcastic.

JP (To Queen Bitch): "What are you talking about lady, you don't even know what happened!"

Meanwhile, pretty much the whole plane, especially first class, can hear that something's going on...including some of the Goo Goo dolls...

Queen bitch and Air Wench #1 are now discussing in front of the cockpit what to do about us "troublemakers".

Air Wench #1: "I won't be talked to like that!!!"

Queen Bitch: "Let's get them off of this you want them off?"

They open the main door to the plane, some airline guys come in, they have some more discussions which we can't hear so well...

Air Wench #1: "Well, I'm not working in 1st class, so I don't have to look at him. But if I was then I wouldn't be able to deal with it."

Me and Jamie are pissing our pants...we can't believe these nutjobs! First of all...we're in 1st class, second of all, since when is sarcasm an evictable offense? Jamie was only trying to ask about the safety of the flight due to the mechanic situation, and that bitch didn't even stick around to hear his question!!! I understand that everyone's on edge with 9/11 and everything, but what the fuck??? Can they really just throw you off a flight for that petty shit???

They continue to mumble about in the front, and me and Jamie are sort of just stunned. I don't think they knew who he was, not that it would have mattered.

Jamie's now starting to freak and wants to go off on them. I tell him to keep it cool...they will definitely throw us off if we get cocky back to them, plus we have to stay on this flight so that Jamie can make his USC gig.

They close the cabin doors, and the situation is over. What friggin' crazy bitches!!! The guys behind us even chimed in and said them bitches were crazy.

Now we have to endure this lousy 4 hour flight with Queen Bitch as our Sky Waitress.

She proceeds to serve everyone throughout the flight, and acts as if nothing really happened. Jamie is boiling, and decides to ride the flight out with a blanket over his head so he doesn't have to look at the bitch.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there for you. If you have a choice in airlines, we suggest you DON'T use NWA. The worst experience we've ever had on an airplane. The bitches wouldn't even look at us on the way off the plane. Queen bitch picked up a phone and pretended like she was using it as we walked off. Coward!

Now we're back to normal, but never again will we fly with them.

So there it is, my first real Blog. I hope you enjoyed. I hope to do this once a week or so. We're setting up shop at the MTV offices this week to work on Jamie's pilot "Rap Skool". I'll have lots of good scoop on that later this week, or early next.

Thanks for reading...see you soon.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Welcome to the Jamie Kennedy World blog, also known as John Parkinson's World blog.

People know me as John Parkinson, and I will be providing an insight into the world of being Jamie Kennedy's personal assistant.

Hollywood is a crazy place, and even crazier when you are in a position like mine. I spend at least 12 hours a day working with Jamie, mostly in our home office. A lot of funny shit happens here, and I will try to provide you with some of the details from my perspective.

Since this is my first attempt at starting a blog/journal, please bear with me as I get this thing off the ground. I will try to update here at least a few times a week.

So, stay tuned...I'm sure you will enjoy!